Peniche surf representative wins Tiago Pires 2015 award

The 2015 edition of Tiago Pires Award by MOCHE, a premium set delivered by surfers Tiago Pires and the National Association under the International Surfing Day, will be given to junior surfer Guilherme Fonseca. That was great news for Peniche surf.

image 2Tiago Pires Award by MOCHE is an annual award which is now in its 4th edition and which serves to distinguish national surfers for their potential and to project them on the stage of international competitions. The elected surfer is the result of a shared decision between the National Association of surfers and Tiago Pires, who from this year decided to consider only surfers under 18. Peniche surf will be always represented.

Peniche surf representatives are some of the most promising young surfers

Guilherme Fonseca, Peniche surf representative, is one of the most promising Portuguese juniors who are taking their first steps in the professional ranks in Portugal and abroad, lying currently in 9th place of the national surfing circuit - LIGA MOCHE - main surf national competition, and also in the same place in the Junior Series - Europe"s World Surfing League. Guilherme Fonseca is thus distinguished as a young high-potential surfer and the prize is a trip to Hawaii, the largest training stage and evolution of global surf.

«I am very happy to have won this award. For me to go to Hawaii again is a dream! This award motivates me a lot to keep training and working to be a better surfer. Thanks Tiago Pires and ANS for believing in me», commented Guilherme Fonseca´s very pleased to have won this award.

Tiago Pires was delighted at giving the award

In turn, Tiago Pires said that «this year we focused the prize on a short list of the new generation surfers that currently have high potential. Guilherme Fonseca was elected and I hope that your trip to Hawaii is a very positive contribution to his career, as many seasons that I made along my route as well have been».

Tiago Pires Award winners:
- 2012 (year 0): Tiago Pires
- 2013: Frederico Morais
- 2014: Nic Von Rupp
- 2015: Guilherme Fonseca

The National Association of surfers Tiago Pires thanks to have had the chance to embrace this initiative, as well as the support of the Moche and GO-S.TV, congratulates Guilherme Fonseca by the distinction, hoping that your work has been developing the light to reach all your personal and professional goals, and that this will translate into much joy to all Portuguese people. Good luck to all the Portuguese surfers in the international competitions!

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